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When it comes to Trekking, without a doubt Nepal is the best. For the first time, Colonel Jimmy Roberts introduced trekking in Nepal during 1965. He did have an exploration of mountains of Nepal in the 20th century even received the father of trekking within Nepal. His journey of the trek had made very easier in the past. In recent years, many trekkers come for hiking because of his contribution.

Nepal is in between India and China, mostly the peaks have laid in the Northern part of Himalayas and thousands of trekkers trek in different parts of Nepal like Annapurna Base camp, Annapurna Circuit, Everest base camp, for the short trek Ghorepani Poon Hill, Mardi Himal trek and Upper Mustang trek.

When it comes to Spirituality, there are many temples and monasteries moreover Nepal is the birth of Lord Buddha who received the Enlightened and brought the life of salvation. Even religious trekkers come to visit in the temple city of Kathmandu. Also, mountain Everest has been the main reason in order to explore since this is the highest peak in the world.

The temperate falls in the Tropic Zone while in the north which includes Mountainous, Hill even Plain. There would be more rainfall in the monsoon however it would freeze/become very cold in the wintertime.

If trekkers have a desire to hike in the lap of Himalayas then hikers will have to be careful about the weather. If you are searching for the best timing to trekking in Nepal then the spring and autumn seasons are good. The temperature falls into moderate and cold becomes neutral.

Furthermore, if you are planning to hike then Nepal could be the best place for your adventurous experience. Besides trekking in Nepal, there are many options for visiting like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lailtipur, and Bhaktapur apart Kathmandu city. Making a perfect plan for your holiday in Nepal might be a good choice.

There are many tourist events like wild safari, biking, paragliding, Bungee Jumping and rafting in the white water. Even mountain flights are very relevant for short-time visitors.

Nepal has 8 highest peaks out of 20 peaks …many visitors, researchers, and photographers have attracted a lot for the classic culture, tradition, religious temples, and world heritage in Nepal. Very challenging route and adventurous treks include Everest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Manaslu trek, Annapurna Base camp trek likewise Kanchanjunga trek. Hikers could explore the amazing remote villages.

Peak Climbing

A climbing peak may refer to a mountain or hill peak or a rock formation that has to be ascended by climbing. The term is common in Germany where it is specifically used of free-standing rock formations in the climbing regions of Saxon Switzerland, Zittau Mountains and other nearby ranges in the German Central Uplands that can only be summitted via climbing routes of at least grade I on the UIAA scale or by jumping from nearby rocks or massifs. As a general rule, they must have a topographic prominence of at least 10 metres to qualify. In Saxon Switzerland the Saxon Climbing Regulations do not require any minimum height, but define climbing peaks as

Another requirement is its recognition by the responsible sub-committee of the Saxon Climbers’ Federation (SBB) and the responsible conservation authorities. For hikers these authorized summits may often be recognised by the presence of a summit register and abseiling anchor points.

In other climbing areas, such as those in Bohemian Switzerland, there are other exceptions. There, climbing peaks only need to have a significant rock face – the lowest side of which has to be less than 10 m high, but at least 6 m high.


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