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Everest View Trekking

Everest View Trekking

Everest View Trekking offers you the mesmerizing Everest Himalayan views with the beauty of the Khumbu region which will surely blow your mind. Different local peoples with their different cultural make this region a unique and special place in the world.

Highlights of the Everest View Trekking

  • Amazing trekking trails
  • Sherpa villages, sherpa cultural and traditions
  • Warmhearted local people
  • Amazing view of the world highest peak Mt.Everest and other Himalayan ranges
  • Lukla Airport, Namacha Bazar and the biggest Tengboch Monetary
  • Experience of the Himalayan lifestyle
  • Sagarmatha National Park and the wildlife of the region

Overview of the Everest View Trekking

Everest View Trek is the short trekking packages for the trekkers who have less time to explore the Khumbu Region. This Everest view trek will give you the chance to explore the Khumbu Region and to known about that place in detail. You can get the experience of the Lukla Airport and explore the Namacha Bazar where you can find so many shops with every kind of stuff require for trekking. Trekkers can shop and enjoy some amazing food and french bakery teams over there and that is the shopping town of the region.

While walking uphills the trekker can visit the Sagarmatha National Park and get some ideas about the wildlife of the region and the condition of that place. You can see the amazing waterfalls and cascade on the whole trekking journey with the fresh air of nature. You will cross some beautiful villages and the forests and along with that, you can see many stupas and the biggest Tengboche Monastery on the way. You can see a stunning view of the Mt.Everest and other Himalayan Ranges of the region.

Not only the natural beauty trekkers can see the huge number of the sherpa people on the villages and their different types of cultural, traditions and their beautiful cultural dress and the festival they celebrated. You can also get to know about their lifestyle on the Himalayan and their daily basic works for survival and you can see some Tibetan culture as well.

Best Time to do Everest View Trek

While you can trek in any season on the whole year in Everest or in Nepal. But still, you can choose the best time to trek in Everest according to your plan. Before going to the trek you can get some ideas about the climate and the weather about up there but it can’t be sure 100% because no one can predict nature surely. So just be prepared for your trek and go.

Everest View Trek in March to May

On these months of the year, we welcome our spring season and for the trekkers, this season is a great season to do trekking in Himalayans. This season is the easy-going season and the weather will be good little hot with sunny days. On the way of the trekking, you will get more refresh by the greenery around you and the sound of the birds in the jungle make more awesome for the trekkers. The waterfalls and the small cascades look gorges on this season. trekkers can get so amazing view of the Himalayan peaks and the other nature views of the hills and the villages.

Everest View Trek Between June to August

June to August is the summer season. The season of the hot and very sunny days. Trekking on this season will be not so difficult but the hotness of the sun can be a problem for the trekkers. Trekkers need to be careful about their skin and the body. Use sunblock for the skin and drink lots of water to get in charge. The summer season brings the monsoon along with that and the rainy season makes the trails so muddy, sloppy and dirty to trek. Get the gears which will be useful in the rainy season as well.

Everest View Trekking from September to November

Autumn is another amazing season for trekking in the Himalayan areas. Weather on this season it quite beautiful and so much relaxable for trekking. Most of the trekkers prefer this season for trekking because of the perfect weather and climate. On the way, you can see some amazing views of the green hills, forests, and villages. In this season this peaks view will be really clear and you can get some stunning panoramic view of the mountains as well with the shining snow on the top of the peaks and the clouds near them and that a great view in a great season.

December to February Everest View Trek

The winter comes along with so heavy snowfalls in the Himalayan areas. On this trek, you can see and even walk on the white shine snow which will be on the trails of the trekking. In winter it will be freezing cold on up there and it makes difficult to trek and maybe some trails will be blocked because of the snow and that is not good for the trekkers. But in winter you can find the trails less crowed as well and the view of the mountain will be shining with snow and that look really beautiful also.

Everest View Trek Difficulty

Trekking in the Everest Region will be a little difficult for sure. Because many trekkers get affect by the altitude sickness because of the high altitude of that place. So it can be a problem for the trekkers who are going to trek in the Everest region. The climate of Everest is not so predictable and it becomes tricky sometimes and that can create difficulty for the trekkers.

Before you actually start you trek just get a proper preparation for yourself. Get some knowledge about the place and the route you are going, Get a checkup of your body condition and be fit physically and mentally both. you need to be strong and set your mind to make this trek less difficult for you. Trek in some comfortable trekking clothes and shoes and drink lots of water on the trekking.

Accommodation and Meal for Everest View Trekking

The accommodation on the trek will be in lodges or at the guest house. The room will be at sharing basic but if you want to stay alone then you can talk to the owner of that place. Accommodation will be a bed with breakfast and it will be clean and warm for the guest and quite nice.

During the trekking, you can have some delicious Nepali food or local food of the place. The lodge will serve you the dinner and breakfast which will be tasty and healthy at the same time. you can have some international food, drinks, and some french bakery items on someplace of the trek.  And you can have some fast food like burgers, pizza, and fries as well.

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Everest View Trekking