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Ganja La Pass Trekking

Ganja La Pass Trekking

Ganga La Pass Trekking is one of the amazing trekking destinations in the Langtang Region. Also, this is the most challenging trekking as well and the route will take to the different world of nature. You can see some stunning view of the Himalayan ranges, lush forest, different cultures, and traditions in this trekking routes.

Highlights of the Ganja La Pass Trekking

  • Amazing trekking trail
  • Different cultural and tradition of different enthic groups
  • Stunning mountain views
  • Lush forest of the rhododendron, bamboo, pine and the beautiful waterfalls and cascade
  • Langtang National Park and the wildlife of the region
  • Monasteries, stupas, and the monks

Overview of the Ganja La Pass Trekking

Ganja La Pass trekking is one of the very demanding treks of Langtang Region. The highest altitude of this trekking is 5106m and this trekking offers you so many amazing views from the top including Tserko Ri (5000m) with the entire Langtang Himalayan ranges. while Ganja La Pass trekking one of the hardest trekking passes of the Langtang Region. The trails of this trekking will take you to another world of nature which will surprise you for sure.

On the way, you will walk through some amazing lust forest of the rhododendron, bamboo, and woods. You will see beautiful waterfalls, cascades and magical Langtang valley. Trekkers can see the ethnic groups of the Tamangs and sherpa peoples and get to know about their culture, tradition, and way of life. and all the follow the Buddhist religion in this region so you can see so many old and new kinds of stupas, monasteries and some monks as well.

This is the totally wonder trekking experience for the trekking lovers. during the trekking trekkers even can visit the Langtang National Park and get more close to nature and there you can see the wildlife of Langtang Region. If you get lucky then maybe you can see the rare Red Pand on the National Park. crossing the rice terraces with the view of the Himalayan yak you will climb uphills to reach Ganga La Pass. It is difficult trekking but the view you get from the top will be worthy of the hard work.

Best Time to do Ganja La Pass Trekking

Trekking in Nepal will be very adventures for all the people who love to travel and you can trek on whole years in Nepal with some good preparation. Because nature can be predicted by anyone and every season offers you different types of adventure. Being well prepared for the trekking is best for every season.

Spring Season

spring is a perfect season to do trekking. The weather will be warm and cool. You can see the growing new plants on the whole way of the trekking, You will walk through the amazing forest of the bamboo, rhododendron, and pine with the happy sound of the birds singing and that is all possible in the spring season. you will see the colorful wildflowers and the clear blue sky with a clear view of the Himalayan ranges with clouds around them.

Summer Season

In this season, the days will be like fire and the sun will burn you because of the high temperature. But summer brings monsoon along with it and the combination will blend with each other so nicely but the trails can be wet, muddy and sloppy to walk. and in this season the greenery around will grow more and more and you have to face come summer creatures like a leech, mosquito on the trekking. But the view of the Himalayan range after the rain will be worth to watch.

Autumn Season

The autumn season is the most preferred season to do trekking in Nepal by all of the trekkers. The weather will be so chilled and stable and that the best thing about this season. In autumn season you can see the clear view of the stunning mountain ranges, amazing lust forest and the wonders of nature. Autumn is the season of the festival in Nepal as well. You can celebrate the festival with the locals at your night stay place.

Winter Season

Winter is the season of the cold and the full of the snow on the Himalayan areas. In the winter season, the weather will be the freezing cold and it hard to do the trek in winter. The route will be less crowded and because of the snow may be the trails will be blocked and you can see so many shining icefalls on the way with the white snow on the whole trails. but the view of the Himalayan looks more amazing with the snow on top of them.

Ganja La Pass Trekking Difficulty

This is a hard trekking route so you may face so many difficulties during the trekking. You can feel AMS on the journey and it is a big problem so before you go on trekking like this be prepared yourself, make your body healthy and fit that will make the difficulty level very less and if you feel any discomfort than tell your guide quickly. The trails may feel hard to trek so walk slowly.

Accommodation & Food for Ganja La Pass Trekking

On the whole trekking journey, you will get the room on a sharing basis and the room will be clean and warm for the guests and every night stay places give you the service of the hot shower so you can stay comfortable.

You can have some delicious Nepali and Thakali foods on the trekking journey and if you want then you can eat Indian and continental food as well. and you can have some fast food and drinks as well as: pizza, burger, hot chocolate, different types of coffee, tea and cold drinks.

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Ganja La Pass Trekking