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Jiri to EBC and Kalapattar Trekking

Jiri to EBC and Kalapattar Trekking

Jiri to EBC & Kalapatthar Trek is an adventure and beautiful trek to do in the Khumbu region. It offers to explore the popular trekking route of Nepal with the amazing view of Himalayan ranges around you. In this trek, you can be at the lowest altitude and highest altitude at Kalapatthar. It’s an overall exciting package for the trekking lovers.

Highlights of the Jiri to EBC and Kalapattar Trekking

  • Amazing Trekking route experience
  • Know about the different ethnic groups (Sherpa people and their lifestyle)
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Closer view of the Mt.Everest from Kalapatthar
  • View of the amazing landscapes, Icefalls, glaciers
  • Can see so many Himalayan animals (Musk deer, yak, blue sheep)
  • Visit the Sagarmatha National Park, Highest Tengboche Monastery, colorful prayers flags, and Chortens, etc.
  • Beautiful sherpa village and the warm-hearted local people

The Overview of Jiri to EBC and Kalapattar Trekking

Jiri to EBC & Kalapatthar Trek is also known as a Classic Trekking on Khumbu region. On this trek you will walk through that traditional route which is the route of Everest expeditions in back time. Trekkers have to walk by the hillsides on most of the trekking journey. The trek will be surrounded by the greenery views around you and when you reach the Namche Bazar you will see the amazing ethnic groups of the sherpas and their culture and traditions. In Namcha Bazar you can do some necessary shopping and eat some coffee and pastry in French Bakary and you can visit the internet cafe of the bazaar as well.

While walking to the uphills you will come across some amazing sherpa villages and you can get some idea about their traditions and the lifestyle on the Himalayan.  You will walk through the amazing forest of rhododendron, alpine and oak by crossing some suspension bridges, you will cross some field full of Himalayan yaks and blue sheep. The trails will take you to the so another world full of natural beauties around you. On the way, you will see so many amazing Gomba, stupas and the most popular Tengboche monastery and the ways are full of colorful prayers flags, Chortens.

On the Jiri to EBC & Kalapatthar trek you can visit the beautiful Sagarmatha National Park can get some wildlife experience of the Khumbu region and there you can see Musk deer, Blue sheep, National bird Danphe (Lophophorus) the color bird, the amazing icefall and glaciers of the region and amazing view of the Himalayan peaks from the Kala Patthar the viewpoint of the region and Kala Patthar is the one and the only viewpoint from you can see the closest view of the Mt.Everest the worlds highest mountain.

Best Time to do Jiri to EBC and Kalapattar Trekking

Jiri to EBC & Kalapatthar Trek is like a Classic Everest Trek and on this trek, you will walk most of the time so choose the best time according to you or you can see and take advise by the daily forecast of the Khumbu region but it nature and we can actually depend on the forecast may be climate can change in second so be prepared and so with the strong mindset will help you.

March to May

While this is considered a great season to trek in Everest Region and all over Nepal. Because of the nice weather. It is a time of spring and spring is a happy season where the weather will be a little hot and sunny in the day time but trekking in high altitude will make it more easy in spring. Trekking in spring will make you feel fresh with the forest full of rhododendrons and pines and you will get a clear view of the mountain peaks and the green hills.

September to November

September to November comes in the autumn season and which is another amazing season to trek in the Himalayas. The weather on this season will be very chilled and refreshing as well. Trekkers can see the new growing plants and the wonders of nature on the whole trek. The beautiful waterfall and the cascades are all over on the trekking trails. In this season you can see the amazing panoramic clear views of the Mountains and the greenery of the nature will make you feel out of the world.

December to February

It’s a winter months and winter in Himalayans is not so good idea. Because the temperatures will be a – degree and that makes the hard to trek at the high altitude place. And there is huge chance that the trails will be blocked by the snowfall and icefalls also can fall on you so it is risky as well but the best part is that on the winter season the route will be less crowded, you can easily find the night stay and the snow-capped views of the peak will be amazing.

June to August

Its the season of the warmed and the hot air summer. Trekking in summer season is good but the weather will be really hot and sunny all day long. Summer come along with the rainy season in the Nepal and because of the rain the trails will be muddy and sloppy so the trekker should be very careful while trekking. On this season during the trek, drink a lots of water will help you and get waterproof trekking gears for you.

Jiri to EBC and Kalapattar Trekking Difficulty

Jiri to EBC & Kalapatthar is a quite difficult for the trekkers but this trekking route have some amazing benifit that can help you the most. While the trekker goes in high altitude slowly and slowly so that make you comfortable on the different air and it can help you to not face the altitude sickness during the trek. But still, the trekkers have be quite healthy and piysically and mentally strong that will make your trek a little easy for you.

While on this trek you will walk around 6 to 7 hours on a single day and day by day the altitude will be grow slowly and you have to ajusted with weather of that place. Some times the climet can be little tricky and change in a second so be prepared for that change as well. Just get yourself some comfortable clothes and dont carry a heavy bags.

Accommodation and Meals for Jiri to EBC and Kalapattar Trekking

While on the trekking on himalayan you can stay at the lodges, guest houses, and homestay. They give you the bed with breakfast service. The rooms are on a sharing basis. They provide you the hot shower to bath and clean & warm room with tasty foods.

During the trekking, everyone needs to eat a proper meal because that is the source of energy for you. On the whole trek you can eat some tasty local Nepali food and in some places you can have some international foods, some bakery items and the drinks as well. The lodges and the homestay of the route will serve you delicious food with the warm heart.

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Jiri to EBC and Kalapattar Trekking