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Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking

Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking

Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking is a combo trekking of religious, cultural and natural beauty of the Langtang valley. This Trek offers you everything in one package. Seeing the amazing Langtang valley with the stunning Himalayan ranges, the culture of the local Tamang people and taking blessings from the holy place Gosaikunda make you feel great. And you can visit the three Kunda over there which is the holy pond.

Highlights of the Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking

  • Stunning View of the Langtang Himalayan Ranges with snow-capped on the top
  • cultural of the amazing ethnic groups of the Tamang & Sherpas
  • The beauty of the Langtang Valley and the small but pretty villages
  • The popular yak cheese and the Kyanjin Gompa
  • The holy Gosaikunda Lake
  • The amazing Langtang National Park and the red panda
  • The huge number of flora and fauna and the beautiful forest of bamboo & rhododendron
  • Mix Cultural of the Sherpa and Tibetan

Overview of the Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking

Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking takes you towards another amazing world of nature. It offers you to visit many amazing places at one time. The Trek lead towards the beautiful valley of the Langtang. Where you find the huge group of the Tamangs and Sherpa peoples. Langtang valley is the place that is filled with natural and cultural beauty. As the trek goes on you can visit the Langtang National Park which will take you more close to nature and the wildlife of the region. You can find so many amazing floras and fauna inside the National Park. while when you go inside the rhododendron and bamboo forest of the national park maybe you can see the rare Red Panda as well if you are lucky.

As walking continues to the Langtang you will come across the very beautiful Kyanjin Gompa and the very popular cheese factory of the region and the very beautiful Sherpa village which is the attraction of the Langtang Region. There you can find the mix of the Buddhist and the Tibetan culture in Gompa. And of course, you can taste the delicious fresh yak cheese of the Langtang and can interact with the local people and know about their culture, traditions and the festival they celebrated and you will get so many new experiences.

Leaving the beautiful Langtang valley you will trek towards one of the holy places of the Nepal Gosaikunda Lake and this place is not only rich in nature but also very rich in the religious purpose. Many Hindu and Buddhist people come here to take the blessing and to get some peace in there life. Every year in August you can find a huge number of the Hindu and the Buddhist pilgrims over there to worship the full moon at night and there take a bath in the Lake. Taking the bath on that holy lake you can get rid of all your sin. Besides Gosaikunda you can find other lakes over there like; Naga Kunda, Surya Kunda, Bhairav Kunda, and Saraswati Kunda, etc.

Best Time to do Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking

Every Trekker can trek all month of the year but spring and autumn are the most popular season for every trekking in Nepal and it’s including the Langtang and Gosaikunda Trek as well.

Autumn Season (September, October, November)

Autumn Season is the perfect season to do trekking. The weather will be very relaxing and chilled. You can trek with the amazing weather. autumn is also known as a season of the festival in Nepal. So with trekking, you can celebrate festivals like Dashain and Tihar which are the two biggest festivals in Nepal and can know about them more. Because of the amazing weather, the view of the Himalayan ranges will be picture perfect with the clouds on the clear sky and green hills. You can get some amazing panoramic views from the top.

Spring Season (March, April, May)

Spring is the season of the new life of nature and trekking in spring is an amazing plan. You can see so many new growing plants and trees on the way of trekking. In the spring season, the weather will be very pleasant and amazing. This is a perfect season for the photographer who treks to take amazing photos of nature. In spring the view of the mountain will be very clear and the trails become interesting to walk. This is the most preferred season to trek so on the way you can find so many trekkers and can make friends as well.

Summer Season (June, July, August)

It’s a very hot season the sun will shine in the sky and the day will very very hot. It is a little hard to trek in summer but you can do it just drink lots of water. Summer brings monsoon along with it. and trekking in monsoon is a little bit difficult because of the rainfall. The trail will be sloppy, muddy and hard to trek but the view you get after the rainfall stop is so mesmerizing. and the weather also becomes fresh and cool. with some good waterproof trekking gears, you can do the trek and get the awesome experience as well.

Winter Season (December, January, February)

winter season is the season of the snow in the Himalayan areas. While the weather will be freezing cold and the trails may be blocked by the snow and that will be a little problem for you to trek. But in winter you get the amazing view of the mountains with the white shining snow on them and you can play with the snow on the way or on the destination as well. In winter season the trail will be less crowded and you can find the night stay easily compared to another season.

Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking Difficulty

The Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is a moderate level trekking. But difficulty also depends on the trekkers and the in which time of the year you are trekking. May it will be a little bit more difficult for the new trekkers and less difficult for others. An attitude can be the problem because of the high altitude. and the trekking trails are most of you walk through the forest ways so in monsoon the trails can be really muddy, sloppy and dirty. And come make this trek a little difficult. and there is a high chance that the leech will bite you. Just be careful on the journey. while Gosainkunda is a holy place and so many people worship that place and the lake so don’t challenge the traditions over there it can create more difficulty for you.

Accommodation and Food for Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking

During the trekking, the accommodation will be at sharing basic. In Himalayan areas, most of the teahouses give the room on a sharing basis only but if you want a single room then you can request the owner of the teahouse but in on season it will be hard to get a single room. And they provide you the bed with breakfast service with delicious meals and the hot drinks as well.

On the whole trek, you will have your dinner and breakfast at the teahouse where you stay and trust me the food will be delicious and you can have Nepali or local food on the teahouse but in some places, you can have some international items as well like Indian meals and some fast foods like pizza, burger, and some cold drinks.

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Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking