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Tamang Heritage Trekking

Tamang Heritage Trekking

Tamang Heritage Trek is the cultural trekking of the Langtang Region. This spiritual trekking takes to the inside of the Langtang village where you can see the amazing group of the Tamang people. With the Tamang cultural you can see Tibetan culture as well. Not only the culture you will be amazed by the stunning natural view and the hospitality of the local people. This trekking will give you an awesome experience in life.

Highlights of the Tamang Heritage Trekking

  • The beauty of the Langtang Region
  • Langtang National Park
  • The amazing cultural and traditions of the Tamang people
  • Festival of the Tamangs
  • View of the stunning mountain peaks
  • Mix cultural of the Buddhist and Tibetan people

Overview of the Tamang Heritage Trekking

Tamang Heritage Trekking is a newly discover trekking route of the Langtang Region. Its offer the history and the beauty of the local over there. This trekking gives you the chance to know about the lifestyle of the people who live in a rural area of Nepal. You can see there ancient traditions, real handcrafts and to know more you can interact with the Tamang people of the Langtang. This trekking will give you the ideas about Tamang’s legacy and the history of them.

On this cultural trekking, you can see the history of the Tibetan culture and the control of this culture in the Langtang Region. Most of the people are Buddhist and they do farming for their daily survival. the local people import and export some goods from Tibet. The people of this region wear some beautiful colorful dresses and the Langtang region is decorated with attractive woodcarvings. This place will give very positive vibes and the amazing experience of the different cultures and traditions.

while trekkers can witness the beautiful dance of the local people at Goljung, Brimdang and Gatlang village and these three villages is near to the Tibetan Border. On the whole journey, you can see and feel the warm hospitality of the Tamang people. This trekking offers the amazing trekking trails with the amazing route, stunning view of the snowcapped Himalayan ranges, Kyanjing Gompa, Langtang National Park, Langtang Khola, beautiful farm fields with landscape and the amazing valley of the Langtang region. This trekking will give you all types of experience at the same time as Cultural, Natural, Historical, etc.

Best Time to do Tamang Heritage Trekking

Langtang region a beautiful place to do trekking. and every season brings something new for the trekkers. You can trek there all day of the years and see the different phases of the region. Besides this, we can say and control the climate of nature so set your mind and go for the trekking.

Spring Season

Spring season brings pleasant weather to do trekking. while on the way you can see the growing greenery of nature. this is the season where you can see the trail blooms with rhododendron forest of red, pink, white color and other wildflowers and plants. That gives you fresh and natural vibes. and the happy nature around will make this trekking more beautiful in the spring season. In spring you see the clear view of the mountain peaks and the values.

Summer Season

The summer season brings warm and hot weather. The days in this season will be sunny and it feels super hot and you have to drink a huge amount of water to be in balance. While summer brings monsoon along with it and rainy days maybe can make your trails a little difficult but the views you get after the rain stop is magical and in this season you can see some rare flora and fauna with the drops of the rainwater. and the hot weather of the can balance by the rain.

Autumn Season

Autumn is the best season to do trekking in the Langtang region. Most of the trekkers prefer this season to do trekking in Himalayan areas. and autumn is the season of the festival in Nepal. The 2 biggest festivals of Nepal Dashain and Tihar will celebrate ti autumn season you can be a part of it. The weather will be perfect and you can see the stunning panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges. You can see the amazing view of the green hills, woodcarving houses, lush forest.

Winter Season

Winter is the season of the snow in Himalayan areas. The weather will be really cold in the winter season and you can get a little of difficulty on the way but the feeling of trekking in white shiny snow will be worth to do and you can see the amazing view of the snowcapped mountain and village with full of snow. Ther trail will be less crowded and you can get the nightstand easily. You can even play with the snow on the trekking.

Tamang Heritage Trekking Difficulty

This is a moderate trekking route. The day by day trekking will increase with high altitude. and that can make your trekking journey difficult. AMS is the main problem that ever trekker can feel and it will create lots of difficulty for you. Before you start the trekking journey make sure your body is healthy and fit to walk uphills that can help you to throughout the trekking journey. If you get any problem that quickly tells your guide and takes some rest. walk slowly when you are trekking.

Accommodation & Food for Tamang Heritage Trekking

while during the whole trekking journey you will stay at the teahouse, homestay or at the lodge. The room over there will at sharing basic and the accommodation will provide you a hot shower as well. and if you need a single room that you have to talk with the owner, if there is room for any room left then they can give a room.

During the trekking you can have some amazing Nepali and Thakali foods but if you want to eat something else than you can have some Indian and continental food or fast foods as well. and you can drink some coffee, hot chocolate and the other different hot and cold drinks as well.

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Tamang Heritage Trekking