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Tsum Valley Trekking

Tsum Valley Trekking

Tsum Valley trekking is a very adventurous trekking trail of the Manaslu Region towards nature. Tsum Valley is in the Gorkha district of Nepal and this is the untouched natural trekking. It is very near to the Tibetan border and you can see the Tibetan Buddhist feel all over the area. After 2008 this area is open to hiking for the trekkers. You can see some amazing views of the mountain peaks from Manaslu trekking trails.

Highlights of the Tsum Valley Trekking

  • The untouched beauty of Nature
  • Combination of the Tibetan Buddhist culture and traditions
  • Waterfalls, cave, cascade, and the rivers
  • A new experience of wildlife and wild animals
  • Buddhist Monasteries and stupas
  • Way full of Prayer flags and Mani wall
  • Some mesmerizing view of the mountain like Ganesh Himal, Boudha Himal, and Himal Chuli
  • Lush forest of the Rhododendron, Pine, and bamboo

Overview of the Tsum Valley Trekking

The Tsum Valley lies in the northern Gorkha which is also known as a “Scared Himalayan Pilgrimage valley”. This valley is very rich in ancient art, culture and in religion. You can find the original Tibetan people who speak in their own language. This place comes in a remoted Himalayan area so you can find the beauty is untouched and natural. Natural flora and fauna make this trekking more exciting and thrilling. While Tsum Valley trekking offers you some amazing view of the mountains peaks and the landscape like Ganesh Himal, Boudha Himal, and sharing Himal.

The Meaning of the Tsum is “Vivid” which is the home of the original Tibetan people which is also known as “Tsumbas”. It is a very untouched valley and the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries place. On the trekking journey, you can explore the largest monasteries of the valley Mu Gompa and another beautiful Rachen Gompa. You will also walk with the Soti Khola and Budhi Gandaki on the way. and in the lush green forest of the pine, bamboos, and rhododendron. The whole trekking will show you so many amazing different shades of nature.

While on this trekking journey you can see the different ethnic groups in different places with their own unique culture and traditions. They welcome their guest with a warm heart and you can enjoy the hospitality of the locals. On the way o the trekking you can see colorful praying flags and mani walls and cave as well. the Tsum valley trekking will surprise you its different shades of beauty like natural beauty, Cultural Beauty and art, and religious beauty.

Best time to do Tsum Valley Trekking

Trekkers can trek every day of the whole year whenever they want. they don’t have to be confused about that but getting some information about the weather and climate of that place will make things more easy for you on the trekking journey.

Summer Season

The summer season brings the hot air on the environment so in this season the weather will be hot and sunny. You will have to drink a lot of water on the journey to be hydrated. but the rainfall can help you to beat the heat of the summer because monsoon comes along with summer and it makes the weather hot and cold at the same time. The trails will be muddy and sloppy so walk carefully and you can get the amazing rain washed view of the Himalayan peaks.

Spring Season

Spring is the season of the happy nature around on the whole trekking journey. The weather will be warm and cool this season. On the way, you can see the growing plants of the trees, flowers and some grass. You can do trekking with the clear blue sky and the perfect view of nature in spring and you will get the clear and beautiful view of the Himalayan peaks.

Autumn Season

This is the most popular season to do trekking in Nepal. every trekker prefers this season for hiking and you can see the trails getting busy with the lots of trekkers in autumn. On the whole trails, you can see the colorful blooming flowers and its a time of the biggest festival in Nepal (Dashain and Tihar) you can join the celebration with the locals. trekkers can see the perfect panoramic view of the mountains and the green hills.

Winter Season

Trekking in the winter season will make you feel of the freezing cold on the Himalayan areas. You can see the shining white snow all around you and you can make snow make and play as well but the trails can get blocked because of the heavy snowfalls. so you need to be careful on the whole journey. You can get the amazing view of the mountain with full of white shining snow on it. It looks more magical in sunrise and sunset.

Tsum Valley Trekking Difficulty

This is a middle type of trekking not so easy and not so hard. There is a very and very little chance to get AMS on this trekking route but don’t take any risk. Before you go on trekking you need to be physically fit and you have to get your body checkup. These things can make your trekking very easy for you and you will not face any kind of problem on the trekking journey. On this trekking, you will see all the sacred places of the valley so get the information before you go know about the do and don’t of that place.

Accommodation & Food for Tsum Valley Trekking

On the trekking journey, you will stay at the tea house or at the homestay and all the room you will get at twin sharing basis. if you request then maybe you can get single with the extra charge but in some areas, they don’t provide a single room to anyone. The rooms will be clean and warm and you can get a hot shower as well.

You can eat tasty Nepali food or Thakali food on trekking but you can eat some delicious international foods as well as Indian, Continental food as well and some different kinds of coffee, soft drinks, and bakery items and also the Tibetan food as well.


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Tsum Valley Trekking